Palatine Hill

Rome Italy Tourist Information and City Guide

The Roman Forum is located at the base of two hills: Palatine Hill (Palatino) and Capitoline Hill.

Palatine Hill (from where this photograph was taken), was the upscale neighborhood in Ancient Rome where affluent Romans once lived. Capitoline Hills is where the Roman Senate was located.

Palatine Hill (Palatino) in Ancient Rome
Palatine Hill in Ancient Rome (Rome Italy)

Visitors to Rome Italy should definitely climb to the top of Palatine Hill and visit its massive palaces, stadiums and gardens including the following:

  • Domus Augustana
  • Domus Flavia
  • Stadium
  • Farnese Gardens

Palatine Hill is also a great place to enjoy wonderful views overlooking the Roman Forum and Colosseum

The admission ticket required for Palatine hill also covers admission to the Colosseum.

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