Piazza del Quirinale

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The Piazza del Quirinale is a beautiful square located on one of seven hills in Rome Italy.

The Quirinal Palace (Palazzo del Quirinale) is situated on the piazza.  Built in 1583, Quirinal Palace is home to the President of the Italian Republic.

In years past, however, Palazzo del Quirinale some 30 popes and 4 Italian kings lived here.

Piazza del Quirinale in Rome Italy
Piazza del Quirinale

At the centre of Piazza del Quirinale, stands a tall obelisk.  There is also two massive sculptures of Castor and Pollux, Italian replicas of Greek statues.

The building in this photograph is of Palazzo delle Consulta.  Built in 1734, it is presently used by the Italian Supreme Court.

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